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About DrachenSpace


DrachenSpace is a website project owned and operated by Mastertato twitch.tv/mastertato that aims to be 100% transparent and provide a place where streamers can collaborate easily, find things that can help them stream, or just help their quality of life by finding quick and safe downloads to use for themselves or enhance the quality of their stream.

DrachenSpace aims to also help streamers and non streamers setup technology (hardware and software) through tutorials that can be found on the homepage and eventually in the community section.

If you are a streamer and wish to get onto the featured streamer randomizer when you go live (for the life time of the website) and support the site, feel free to send me an email via: pharahtato@gmail.com

However, if you can't get into the featured streamer section, you can always join us in the discord for support and fun, we have teamed up with TooBadGaming, an awesome group of people from all around the world, no Inner-Circle or support pyramid. 100% Fun, 100% Equality!